Be Warned: Those Very, Very Scary Looking Doggos May Not Back Up Their Bark With a Bite
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Be Warned: Those Very, Very Scary Looking Doggos May Not Back Up Their Bark With a Bite

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

Signs are put up on properties for a variety of reasons. However, we all know one sign: "Beware the Dog." It is usually implied that approaching the dog could be dangerous, and you may end up being mangled if you enter the property uninvited. It's not difficult to imagine dogs being protective and willing to do whatever it takes for their human family members.

It's difficult to understand the warning signs of danger when a puppy jumps up, flops its tongue, or prepares to ask for a belly rub. Is it possible to resist this? It leaves us wondering what "beware" we should do. Do you fall in love with someone and then want to stay?

We are either laughing or "awwwwing" with each and every example.

1. Maximum Effort - No Half Measures Here!


2. THEY'RE SO FLUFFY - Cuteness Overload!


3. I Dare You to Say No to This Face - Can You?


4. This Seems Legit - Trust This Dog!


5. Beware, Be Very Aware - Things Are About to Get Real!


6. Beware That You May Want to Scratch Ears and Whisper - Don't Resist!

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7. He Can Jump - Watch Out!


8. A Hecking Cuteness OVERLOAD - Prepare to be Smitten!

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9. Beware! You Don't Want to Back Over Him - He's Too Adorable!


10. Good Boi - Nothing But Love Here!


11. Beware! - Take Heed!

12. Who Made This Sign? - There's a Mystery Afoot!


13. Taking Charge of the Situation - The Dog is in Control!


14. Why Does This Dog Look like He's Judging My Life Choices? - It's Unnerving!


15. Belly Up - Get Ready for Some Serious Cuteness!


16. How Do You Say No to This Face? - It's Impossible!


17. Do You Come Here Often? - This Dog Wants to Know!


18. Officer On Duty - All Hail the Dog!


19. Roll Over - This Dog Wants a Belly Rub!

20. All Spunk - This Dog Has Pizzazz!


21. This is a Very Big Dog - Can You Handle It?


22. Never Underestimate an Ankle Biter - They Can Be Deceivingly Cute!


23. What Kind of Dog is This? - The Mystery Continues...


24. The Purr-fect Crime - Who Did It?


25. It's the Second Sign That Really Gets Ya - Can You Handle It?

26. Artistic Interpretation - What Does This Dog Have to Say?


27. Bad to the Bone - Don't Mess with This Dog!

28. Don't We All Love Canadian Puppies? - Yes, We Do!


29. Something Suspicious - What's Going On Here?


30. If You Can Even Make it Past the Cat! - Good Luck!

31. Don't Get Too Scared When You See This One - He's Just Checking You Out!


32. "Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?" - This Dog's Got Some Attitude!