This Dog's Growth Chart: Unbelievably Funny!
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This Dog's Growth Chart: Unbelievably Funny!

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

You're likely to have a dog or a cat, VERY attached. Young Axl would be attached to his owner wherever he went, even to the toilet.

Rayzer12, an Imgur user, brought Axl home at 7.5 weeks old. He first snapped a photo showing the puppy curled up in the gussets of his underpants.

This became a routine. Axl would continue to follow his human to the toilet, and rayzer12 would snap a photo of him in his pants. We see Axl grow through this bizarre routine. He eventually outgrows his underpants and pants until there is no room for him under the toilet.

Scroll down to see Axl's growth timeline through the unique perspective of crapper-cam. Feel free to share your pupper photos in the comments!

"Axl, About 5 Days After We Took Him Home (7.5 Weeks). His Full Name Is Axl Riley. Axl Was Born On 9/11, So His Middle Name Is In Tribute To One Of The Many Rescue Dogs That Worked At Ground Zero"

"He Always Followed Me Into The Bathroom. Here He Is At 8.5 Weeks"

"9 & 1/2 Weeks (The Puppy, Not The Movie)"

"10 Weeks"

"10.5 Weeks"

"11.5 Weeks"

"12 Weeks, They Grow So Fast"

"12.5 Weeks"

"13 Weeks"

"13.5 Weeks"

"14 Weeks"

"14.5 Weeks Merry Christmas!"

"15.5 Weeks"

"17 Weeks"

"19 Weeks"

"20 Weeks"

"1 Year Old"