What I Wanted Versus What I Got: Funny Stories of Frustration

What I Wanted Versus What I Got: Funny Stories of Frustration

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

Expectations can be a double-edged sword. It's great to imagine what might happen in real life. However, unrealistic expectations can cause emotional turmoil when you stop dreaming and face reality.

What about realistic expectations? You would think that if someone advertises a product or service, they can expect the customer to receive precisely what they paid for. Spoiler alert! TikTok users share videos showing the vast differences between what they wanted (un)realistically and what they got. You can find everything from clothes to haircuts for dogs and much more.

Many people have been adding TikTok user Keelyknight (aka Madeline) 's audio to their videos. We've compiled some of our favorites. Look at the videos, comment on your favorites, and let us know if you have ever been in a similar circumstance.







You need to consider two things when getting something you don't want. You need to manage your expectations and ensure you are not disappointed.

Although it may seem complex, the first part is relatively straightforward. You can ask for a return if the product or service you have received is not up to your expectations or does not meet the specifications. Complain! Complain often and loudly.







You should be diplomatic when submitting your complaints. After all, you are dealing with other people. It's not always the person who filed your complaint that was responsible for what you received. Don't make their lives difficult. They will be more inclined to help you.







A company that has an actual customer-first policy will take serious complaints seriously. They will listen to you, offer support, follow up on your complaint, and try to correct their mistakes. We all know that not every company is so friendly. Instead, they have a "profit comes before collateral damage is all right!" mentality.







If the product was extremely expensive, or your family members or pets were hurt, you might consider seeking legal assistance. You have to stop someone from blatantly promoting a false product to make a quick buck.







There's always that second part when we don't get what we want. It all boils down to what we expect. Sometimes what we desire is so precise and requires so much skill and craftsmanship that not everyone can deliver our orders. Sometimes, the vision we have and the reality of what local craftspeople can offer are not compatible. To put it another way, you get what you're paying for.







If you get your nails done at a local discount store, don't expect them to look as good as models. You can't expect a novice dog groomer to achieve the same results as a veteran grandmaster. They'll try their best, but they won't perform to your expectations.







It's essential to try your best to achieve the results you desire in life. Then, let go of all expectations. You did your best. Well done! Relax and enjoy the moment. Great if you achieve what you desire. It doesn't matter if you don't get what you want because you can always try again. Perhaps with a new tactic in your mind.

A healthy attitude has low expectations. This is similar to the one in which you are encouraged to do good deeds for others without expecting anything back, when we aren't desperate, needy, or whiny, life surprises and delights us.







PsychCentral explains how recognizing unrealistic expectations is the first step to letting go of them. It's not easy, as we might have held certain expectations for many years. It's all connected to our desire for control over everything.

Some of the most unrealistic expectations are the belief that everyone should love you and that the world should be fair. That kind of control is impossible for us (unless we are a superhero, the Emperor, or a member of the Greek Pantheon).







Similar to the previous example, if you are constantly disappointed in results or not meeting your expectations, it might be time to examine them more closely. Spend the weekend examining your beliefs.