20 Pics That Deserve An Award For The Best Visuals
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20 Pics That Deserve An Award For The Best Visuals

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

Our eyes can be very clever at tricking us, especially with optical illusions. A seemingly innocent photo can look anything but normal at a glance. It's important to remember that not everything is as it seems. This rule does not apply to perfectly timed photos or taken from a strange angle. It applies to all aspects of our lives.

These 20 photos will be a visual feast for your eyes. These photos will grab your attention until it is clear what they are.

19. “Stop! Wtf Are You Doin’ Over There? This Ain’t No Public Bathroom… Oh, Nevermind.”

18. “My Cat Is Floatin’”

ShadowTony / Reddit

17. She Probs Worked Real Hard To Get This. We Know She Spent at Least 5 Mins Tryna Get The Right Angle

r1t3sh / Reddit

16. You Might Think These Glasses Saw Somethin’ Shocking, But It’s Just A Lamp Reflection

CowInTrouble / Reddit

15. Looks Like A Secret Meet-Up Of Ghosts Plotin’ How To Spook People Next Time

Nanna_Wilson / Reddit

14. “Khaleesi! Last Warnin’, Watch Yo Drag… Oh, Pup, That’s You!”

Kostek13 / Reddit

13. “Khaleesi! I Ain’t Mistaken This Time!”

MarliePwns / Reddit

12. “This Pic Of London Looks Like It Should Be A Vid”

hey_watti / Reddit

11. How Yer Parents See You When You’re 30 And Visit ‘em

cyberbuff / Reddit

10. We Hope No One Sat On This Ipad Before It Was Found

moonshine52 / Reddit

9. Probs Australia

FilmsnFries / Reddit

8. This Is A Real Cafe In Korea, Not A Drawin’

forgotmylogandpass / Reddit

7. When You Wish Yer Dog Could Stay A Pup Forever, But Somethin’ Goes Wrong

6. Here’s A Simple Way To Make People Stare

5. These People Ain’t Trapped In A Well, It’s Just A Floor

primal-chaos / Reddit

4. Ever Seen A Real Centaur? We Got One Just For You

Krikher / Reddit

3. Gulliver In The Land Of Giants. New Edit

gabsramalho / Reddit

2. It’s Not A Reflective Lake

swimshoe / Reddit

1. “Hi-Yo, Susan! Away!”

jaber-allen / Reddit