15+ Photos That Will Leave You Reaching for the Explanation Button

15+ Photos That Will Leave You Reaching for the Explanation Button

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

It is so common to take pictures these days. In a world where everyone is constantly taking photos with their smartphones or new cameras, it's hard to see how we survived without cameras. It's so natural and effortless that we don't notice the unique things about it. It's magic, after all. That click is when time stops for a while, and you can keep that moment forever. Sometimes, the moment you capture is a little off or requires explanation.

All those moments that were captured around the world without any thought resulted in something bizarre. These photos will help you to understand what is going on.

1. Garden Accidentally Transformed Into a Lake

Shad0w-Galaxy / Reddit

2. Veggies: The Antidote to Shrinking

Simpsont07 / Reddit

3. A Case of the Headless Penguins

rovan1emi / Reddit

4. What's That Gigantic Dog Bed Doing in the Backyard?

bing_bang_blau / Reddit

5. Startled by the Reflection of the Office Painting Every Night

tesla-allis / Reddit

6. No Swimming Allowed Here

ROOTBEER360 / Reddit

7. She's Got Leg and She Knows How to Use It

ilovelifting55 / Reddit

8. The Double-Mouthed Horse Encounter

MickTheAnt / Reddit

9. Just Another Selfie With a Levitating Top

hooman_not_ru**** / Reddit

10. Cat Without a Head?

Birdjag / Reddit

11. This Buff Dog-Man Is Something Else

phenomenal11 / Reddit

12. Giant Parrot Terrorizing Horses

ChickN-Stu / Reddit

13. Those are Some Very Big Cats

Casimir0325 / Reddit

14. Where Did Her Arm Go?

Mr_squeedly_spooch / Reddit

15. Seeing Behind Your Thumb

UNICORN20000 / Reddit

16. Is This Man Photoshopped?

latte_v**it / Reddit

17. Walking With a Headless Dog

baddiewinkle / Reddit

18. Too Many Hands to Count

hkzqgfswavvukwsw / Reddit

19. Floating Donkey Head Sighting

Longshore*** / Reddit

Are you a photographer who has taken strange pictures like those we shared in this article? Please share it with us in the comments! If we have enough photos from you, we will write a new article only with your pictures and your photo might be included!