Hilarious Cooking Fails Demonstratin' Not Everyone Can Whip Up a Meal

Hilarious Cooking Fails Demonstratin' Not Everyone Can Whip Up a Meal

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

In some ways, cooking can help you express your feelings and reduce stress. It's true, but only if you know how to cook. You may think cooking is easy. You must heat the ingredients, season the food, and then press the buttons. But this is not the case. Cooking can cause you stress. It was not an easy task for many people.

We've collected hilarious photos of people who have failed to cook to prove that not everyone is born for the kitchen. You can learn how to do it, but don't try to cook on your own when you're confident you won't be able to. You might also have to clean up your mess and wish you had ordered the food. Show them this post if you're ever told that anyone can cook.

#1. “Y’all Gonna Love This Pie I Baked RN”


#2. “My Apple Just Upgraded My Apple Cutter To A Weapon”


#3. “Boiled An Egg This Morning, And I Think Something Went Horribly Wack”


#4. “Apparently Using A Syringe To Inject The Filling Of A Jelly Bun Doesn’t Work That Legit”


#5. “This Sums Up My Day. Why Isn’t My Stock Simmering… It’s Been Over An Hour AF”


#6. “Found The Spoon, Yay”


#7. “My Friend Made A “Hedgehog” For Her 14-Year-Old Son’s Bday”


#8. “Husband Tried To Make A Dolphin For My Cocktail. It’s The Cutest Eel I’ve Ever Seen, TBH”


#9. “Someone Left A Bread Pudding In The Back Of The Oven For 5 Days. So Here Is My New Pet Rock, Charlie, Slay”


#10. “I Baked Some Strawberry Cakes In Cat-Shaped Pans, Then Iced Them. They Came Out Looking Like Burn Victims, SMH”


#11. “Tonight Was Foreign Culture Night In My House So I Decided To Cook A Traditional Dish From Pompeii, ICYMI”


#12. “Attempted To Make Flower Pancakes For My Wife As A Mother’s Day Surprise But They Ended Up Looking Like Corona Cakes, FML”


#13. “Bake Bread They Said. An Overnight Rise Will Taste So Good They Said. Put In The Fridge They Said. It’s So A Rewarding Hobby They Said, LOL”


#14. “Guess I Cut It A Little Too Hard, WTF”


#15. “Tried Cooking A Sweet Potato In My New Air Fryer Today, YAS”


#16. “Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister’s First Ever Turkey, IMO”


#17. “My Sister Made My Brother A Birthday Cake, TBH”


#18. “I Was Told Y’all Might Appreciate This. Made A Pie Today. Dropped A Pie Today, ROFL”


#19. “I Tried To Make A Cake With A Lobster Shaped Dish, IDK”


#20. “Broiled Sids, LMFAO”