19 Times the Universe Showed Us Unbelievable Coincidences That Had Us Shocked

19 Times the Universe Showed Us Unbelievable Coincidences That Had Us Shocked

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

Sometimes, we find things that remind us of another thing. It could be that your socks or bag have the exact same pattern as a car's or shoes. These coincidences leave you wondering, "What are the odds?" Because these kinds of things don't happen often. These coincidences were captured by the members of this compilation and shared with the rest of the world.

We were happy to discover these "happy accidents"; we hope they will make you as happy as we did.

1. Sockin' It Up With the Shoes

_ _Salutations_ _ / reddit

2. Paint Yourself a Picture at the Art Exhibit

JustHereToTease / reddit

3. A Match Made in Heaven (of Bag and Car)

unknown / imgur

4. Watch Out - UFO Abduction Ahead!

forowned / reddit

5. Moon Joins the Olympic Rings

Luke McGregor / Reuters Pictures

6. This Horse's Nose Points the Way Up

pm_me_asian_femboys / reddit

7. Cheese Makes the Cow Look Complete

dilly_willy_ / reddit

8. Rainbow Circles the Plane's Shadow

durkluf / reddit

9. Cupcake Transforms into an Elephant

SkyBlue_Monty / reddit

10. Lightning Photobombs the Fireworks

CastawayPickle / reddit

11. Dinner Plate Matches Shirt to a Tee

TheGunt123 / reddit

12. Profession's in the Name

eyeamgrewt / reddit

13. Screen Protector Looks Like a Mountain Sketch

SlazyFob / reddit

14. Carmen Sandiego Is Ready to Go

ralph-j / reddit, © Carmen Sandiego / Netflix and co-producers

15. Whiskers and a Mustache Now Possible

ItsKascade / reddit

16. Music Note Takes a Greasy Fry Form

HonestMeg / reddit

17. Hard as a Rock, Looks Like a Hard-Boiled Egg

just_ _Steve / reddit

18. The Angle of Love

davidx21300 / reddit

19. Godzilla's Always Mad at the Sky, Even When It's in the Sky

cykanugggets / reddit, © Godzilla: King of the Monsters / Warner Bros. and co-producers

What coincidences have made you wish that you could be there to witness them? Are you a victim of any such happy coincidences?