We Salute 20 Ladies Who Tossed Out the Beauty Script

We Salute 20 Ladies Who Tossed Out the Beauty Script

Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff
Aukod Staff

Charming faces are all around, and 92% of girls agree that women shouldn't feel pressured to change their appearances. However, resisting the temptation to be the perfect person society expects is difficult. Research has shown that 33% of girls will only take a selfie with a filter.

We applaud the beauty and bravery of these women, who have taken honest photos to challenge the absurd beauty standards we all face.

1. Gray Hair With No Apology

gratefulandgray / instagram

2. The Absurdity of Social Hair Acceptance

benhopper / instagram

3. Take a Humorous Look at Glamorous Celebrity Photos

celestebarber / instagram 

4. All Bodies Are Bikini Bodies

nickslacey / reddit

5. Normalizing Facial Hair - No Shame Here

joannajkenny / instagram

6. Learning to Love My Freckles

justicekacalek / reddit

7. Ditching Western Beauty Standards - She's Gorgeous!

Catnip3978 / reddit

8. Embracing the Ancient Greek Ideal Woman

colleensclovers / reddit

9. This Couple Is Absolutely Beautiful

letouxftw / reddit

10. Posting Without Shame - A Picture of My Body

NotAMoonMaybeACat / reddit

11. Tall & Proud Selfie - Old Habits Die Hard!

thecatspajamas_ / reddit

12. Experiencing Natural Hair for the First Time

lexi1pax / reddit

13. Embracing My Inner Curly Girl

carameldrizzle_ / reddit

14. His First Time in a Bikini in Public (MTF)

PineapplePlush / reddit

15. Women Being Bigger Than Their Partners - Normalize It!

jennrandyy / reddit

16. Loving My Tiger Stripes

charlottedawsy / instagram

17. Pores, Not Flaws - A Lemony Reminder

joannajkenny / instagram

18. Bigger Than Your Partner? It's Okay!

toasty-oh / reddit

19. Big Eyeglasses - Emphasizing My Nose? Bring It On!

neuroticandok / reddit

20. You Go Girl - Women Who Ditched Beauty Stereotypes

gabrielaalsr / reddit