Zero Humans – Crystal Clear Water in Venice Canals


It’s not news that humans and their selfish behavior are responsible for environmental pollution. Sadly, people are further showing their selfish behavior by fighting over toilet paper like it’s the biggest issue. However, Coronavirus restrictions in Italy that are keeping people indoors, are helping to minimize pollution. How do we know that? For one thing, have a look at the satellite images that show the progress of air cleanse over the weeks. On the other hand, look at all these images that show how Venetian canal water has become so clear that you can see the fish that have been swimming in the canals all this time!

Since the lock-down, Italian streets went empty, and factories stopped working, resulting in reduced nitrogen dioxide emission, letting Italians enjoy clearer air. The situation stopped tourist activities, mainly gondola rides in the canal.

When boats ride on the canal surface, the sediments at the bottom of the canals get disturbed and come up, and thus the muddy, unclear water over the years. Now that the boat services are at a halt, the sediments get to stay at the bottom, leaving the clear water to just be. Not just that, you can actually see the fish that have been living there all this time!

What does this say about our actions and behaviour as humans? The minimum impact we make, the better nature be. We are the toxic ones in nature.

Not only are canal waters clear, now that all humans are locked down inside homes, boars are roaming streets with their kids, dolphins and swans are returning to canals, ducks are having baths in ponds in the middle of the city. Should we have lockdowns every year? Well, some people are of that opinion.




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1 year ago

Praise to be to Jesus ❤️☦️❤️Everlasting life thu him , humanity wake up , what has been caused by pollution all abuse of all sorts , we have been given 10 commandments and will do do good , it is our chance and graces of God we’re still here , we can do better ,,,, in Jesus Christ , bake , cook , read a book , clean air , no pollution , take care of animals , you get the message , humble beginnings , no entitlements , man helping all living things , haw much more you need… Read more »