Talk about finding hidden gems in your backyard. Lulu Cirillo loves to garden. She was gardening in her Dorset home and it was at that moment her spade hit a hard object in the soil. She says that it was buried around 10 inches deep and she had no idea what it was. She simply ignored it presuming it was just a muddy stone.

The first instinct of anyone would be chucking it across the lawn. She too did the same but for her little Shih Tzu, Cica. Little did she know that she would soon find out she was dealing with wartime explosives.

The curiousness got the best of the 49-year-old forcing her to take the mysterious object inside. She cleaned it up, giving it a good scrub with a Brillo pad to get a better look. Next, she posted a snap of the ‘stone’ to Facebook, where her friends threw her into a panic by suggesting it could be a bomb.

Woman Threw A World War Two Bomb In Her Garden Thinking It's A Muddy Stone!

Lulu told the BBC: ‘I thought it was a stone so I threw it. It was muddy – I never thought it could be a bomb.’ Naturally, she was ‘absolutely terrified’, so she placed it back in the garden and phoned the police, prompting the arrival of bomb disposal experts who took it away.

She found a really ancient relic bomb from World War Two that was remarkably still live! Lulu was indeed very lucky! It was later detonated on Weymouth Beach. Lulu said: ‘They said it was loaded and very dangerous so they took it away and the next thing I heard was they’d disposed of it.’

Woman Threw A World War Two Bomb In Her Garden Thinking It's A Muddy Stone!

Lulu added:

“I was thinking – hours ago I was cleaning it in my kitchen. I’m taking it with humor. I never realized I might have been scattered around Weymouth”.

Local police wrote alongside a video of the detonation on Facebook: ‘If anyone was wondering what the loud bang was just before 9 pm, we were assisting EOD with a controlled explosion on the beach!’

Woman Threw A World War Two Bomb In Her Garden Thinking It's A Muddy Stone!

They added: ‘Everything in order, the cordons that were in place for everyone’s safety were soon lifted. Thank you to members of the public for their cooperation.’

The clip has already racked up hundreds of comments and shares. Below the video, Lulu wrote: ‘Bloody hell… To think I was scrubbing that in my kitchen sink five hours ago. My self-isolation would have been over.’

Make sure that the next time you’re pottering about in your garden, digging away with a spade, just think: there could be a bomb in your garden. I mean, probably not, but Lulu’s equipped with an ice-breaker for life now.

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