I think there’s always a bit of more love in bringing in a rescue dog to a family since that act promises commitment and love for a dog that was neglected without love before adoption. 

Mowgli is a rescue dog adopted by the Reddit user that goes by the name rachelfromearth, and she surely has fun every time she grooms Mowgli. 

When Mowgli was brought to his current home, the not-so-good physical appearance spoke for the miserable past he lived. This made rachelfromearth determined to pour him with love and good care, and as the before and after images show, he became a fluffy ball in no time. 

The pictures of Mowgli that created an online sensation were the result of an idea that suddenly came to her mind one day when she just finished combing out the extra fur on Mowgli. 

The snow-like pile of fur that ended up on the floor looked like a pile of cotton out of which rachelfromearth thought that she could create interesting figures. Obviously, she did not forget to make Mowgli a part of the creation. 

Mowgli was rescued through Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in June 2017, and these creative photoshoots started in December 2018. 

Mowgli is thought to be a white German Shepherd of around 5 years old. When he was first found, he suffered from underweight with lots of fur missing. Despite all the mistreatment he received in his life, he still had love and affection to offer. Finally, when he received the love that he always deserved, he became an 88lbs pooch that was enjoying his life to the fullest. 

What rachefromearth wanted is to show the enormous amount of fur that Mowgli sheds in an hour. However, the internet embraced the picture more than she ever imagined, and it inspired her to become more creative. 

At the same time, rachelfromearth wanted to convey through these fur art the message that if you are ready to truly commit to and love a rescue dog, that love can bring a neglected pooch a long way. 




Also, have a look at how he is enjoying his life to the fullest!




Image Credit: rachelfromearth

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