Wild Animals Roam Free In City Neighborhoods During Quarantine

Wild Animals Roam Free In City Neighborhoods During Quarantine

Since the start of the quarantine period, animals have become so used to the streets and city centers with no humans. As humans are inside houses, these animals continue to roam around freely without any fear of possible threat. As time passes, only more animals keep adding to the list. Now, even predatory animals such as wild pumas, mountain lions, and bears can be seen.

It is like the idea of zoos in reverse. People are inside houses (almost caged), while the animals are free to enjoy the breeze outside.

Sosis saw a gator taking a casual stroll in Myrtle beach in broad daylight. Being someone who enjoys going on dangerous hikes in different places, he ought to have encountered a lot of dangerous animals. But, this man has not ever seen a gator during the 6 years he has been living there. After his son was born, he did not have much time in his hands to continue his hikes. And this time, he saw a gator in a parking lot!

“When I first saw the gator, I didn’t think it was real. I thought somebody was playing a practical joke on me,” Clifford Sosis told. “I like to take dangerous hikes in interesting places with my dog Daisy, hikes where I might be bitten by snakes and gators”.

Well, if you like to have the company of wild animals around you, now you’ve got the chance to watch them from the comfort of your houses! Have a look at what the neighbors captured!

#1 A Wild Deer Used To Be Fed By The Local Population, Roams In Sri Lanka


#2 A Wild Puma In The Streets Of Santiago, Chile 


#3 A Coyote’s Photograph Taken From Inside The Photographer’s Car, In San Francisco

Becca Cook

#4 Fox Photographed Taking A Nap On A Tree Stump 


#5 Mountain Lions Having A Stroll In The Neighborhood


#6 Harold Hill In Romford, East London

Philippe Edmond

#7 Lambs Playing In Roundabout In Preston

#8 Rare Sight Of Mountain Goats Spotted In The Welsh Town Of Llandudno

#9 Squirrels Relaxing In A Santa Monica Park

#10 Seal Resting By The Urumea River In Spain

#11 Moose In Utena, Lithuania

#12 A Bear Walking Around In An Asturian Town In Full Quarantine

#13 Nilgai Running Around In Noida, India

#14 A Deer Running Around In Chandigarh, India

#15 Wild Turkeys In West Oakland, California

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