Why Kill Animals For Leather Hereafter?


Entrepreneurs nowadays focus so much on making their businesses a success that most of them show no concern whatsoever about the effects their products might exert on nature. Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez are two young entrepreneurs that have innovated a product that has minimum effect on nature both prior to and after the production. 

How would you welcome the idea of plant-based leather? Sounds cool, right?

Adrian and Marte, who share the same birthdays and are 27 years old, established their company where they innovated a technique to create a fabric using cactus leaves the plant of which is known as “Desserto”. Just as it sounds, this is one of the best ever replacements for killing animals for leather. 

Lots of people prefer to use leather products given its high quality, durability etc., and as it goes without saying, because of the higher social status it carries too. Whatever it is, the pathetic situation here is, in order to fulfill these requirements of human beings, the global leather industry kills more than billions of animals. Also, animal leather is not environmentally friendly as they are not biodegradable. To add to that, the disposal of animal leather products is also a big issue. 

Therefore, needless to say, the innovation of cactus leather leads to reduced animal deaths and less water wastage in the textile industry. This cactus leather is organic, partially biodegradable, durable, and soft. Also, its quality is similar to the leather created using animal skin, making it possible to use cactus leather in making clothing, accessories, furniture and even car interiors.



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These two friends are in a mission to make their products famous and available worldwide. So, Adrian and Marte have participated in different exhibitions and fairs in different countries. Among them, the Lineapelle Fair- 2019 held in Milan, Italy, proved a success as there they got the chance to show their own cactus leather products such as backpacks, purses, wallets and other items. 

This is how two young entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to reduce environmental pollution and encourage eco-friendly products. Hope their innovation will lead to a huge difference not only in the Mexican textile industry but the whole world. 

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