What Makes A Good Dad? Here’s Some Parenting Tips!

What Makes A Good Dad? Here's Some Parenting Tips!

As an individual, we are required to play different roles in different situations – student, child, parent, employee, co-worker, the list goes one. Each of these roles requires a set of characteristics, qualities and behaviors unique to its own. What makes a good dad?

Time for your kids

Yes, we all are busy with our jobs and other commitments. But, we need to have time for our loved ones. Spending time with your kid lets you learn more about them – their interests, characteristics, thoughts etc. It also lets you watch how your kids grow, and direct them to the correct path when necessary. You need to be there as your kid learns and grows, because they look up to you for protection, advice and confidence. More than anything, you need to spend time with them because in order to DO and BE all the above things, you first need to create a trusting, loving and strong bond between them and you. The only way to it is spending time with them. Join their hide and seek sessions, draw/paint with them, join them to your activities like gardening and washing your vehicle.

Positive parenting

Positive parenting child upbringing. Illustrations depict the positive and healthy ways of raising a child such as supportive, involvement, reward, encouragement, trust, inspiration, and patience.

Your kids learn as they grow. While learning, they make mistakes. The way to discipline them is not yelling at them or punishing them. Doing so will only leave bad memories that will grow with them. Besides, they’ll be scared to confide things in you, weakening the bond you’ve developed with them. So, what you need to do is set reasonable limits. If it looks like they’re going towards something that brought bad results once in the past, talk to them lovingly and remind them. Show them through your speech why they need to deviate from that behavior, and promote the desired behavior.

Role model

As your kids grow up, they watch you, 24/7. They watch all your moves, every word you speak, and learn from them. Whether or not you are aware of it, they think that they need to be like you. So, act the good man you are. Your daughter will understand that she deserved respectful treatment from boys, by growing up watching the way you treat her. The same applies to your son too. They’ll learn from you how they should behave as men in society.

Doing the role of a dad isn’t a piece of cake. It comes with responsibility, trust, love and care. The kid expects and looks for a lot of things from their dad, and your role as a dad is significant in your kid’s learning growth. Therefore, keep these tips in mind, and try to be the good father you’ve always wanted to be.

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