We Discovered Sid’s Doppelganger! 


Do you remember that quirky little sloth in the animated film “Ice Age”? On the off chance that you love the movie Ice Age, you are going to adore this post. 

Meet our adorable little pooch, Zappa. She has won such a significant number of hearts on account of her being a look-alike to Sid from “Ice Age”!

Sid is one of the most treasured characters in the “Ice Age” movie and we found a real-life dog who looks basically like him. Starting from the wide set pebble eyes, goofy smile with the tongue hanging out, to that quirky smile, we unquestionably discovered Sid’s doppelganger. The likeness is uncanny!

Zappa is 15 years of age and she is an Italian Greyhound. Zappa’s owners, Sadie and Rosalie Millen, are from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and they clarified the reason behind why its tongue stands out constantly. Zappa needed to lose a couple of her teeth which made the tongue fall (Dental issues are very normal among Italian Greyhound).

Paying little heed to the disfigurements, Zappa continues with its life to the most extraordinary. She is internet-famous all through Facebook and Instagram having right around 20000 likes! All gratitude to Sid. You can take a look at Zappa’s Instagram profile using this link.

A few words from the owners:

“Zappa’s quirks and unconventional beauty make her even more special to us. We hope to show how rewarding it can be to take care of a senior dog. Zappa brings so much joy to our lives.”







Image Credit: The Real Zappa

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