Voice Actress Wastes 40 Minutes Of A Scammer’s Time In India

Voice Actress Wastes 40 Minutes Of A Scammer's Time In India

You know it’s gonna get really hilarious even before you watch the video. No offense, but India is a great place and known for great things. But, it’s also known for scamming people, as you can see in a lot of YouTube videos.

You might have come across loads of videos on YouTube, where YouTubers prank call them and waste scammers’ time. This is a good theory because they use the time of a potential victim.

The scammers first introduce themselves with fake names that would typically belong to the western countries. For example, ”Hi my name is John, or Hi my name is Alex”. But the funny thing in that is, they somehow forget to change their accent. See, Indians come with a very strong accent that makes it almost impossible to imitate another accent. So when they do introduce themselves, it’s gonna sound ”Indian” and not ”American” at all. Instead, they are going to sound like, ”HelloR, Maiy-r Name ISSS Johnnn!”

Voice Actress Wastes 40 Minutes Of A Scammer's Time In India

But the sad thing is, some people do get victimized by these pathetic attempts. They end up losing thousands of dollars for these scammers. They introduce themselves as RI, or Microsoft. Some would call you and insist that something is wrong with your computer and would try to connect your computer to theirs through software called ”TeamViewer”.

They will also call you as a tax revenue company giving you false information stating you are granted a refund. People get caught in these tactics and give out their payment information, visa cards, or bank information which gives them access to their money. You can guess the rest right? Yep…they will STEAL your money.

This woman right here, is toying with the scammers. You can see that she imitates Amazon Alexa, and wastes the scammers’ time.

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