US Tries New Vaccine for COVID-19 Immunity


While the escalating number of deaths by COVID-19 is scary enough as it is, more people are being found every hour infected with the virus. While researchers have been attempting to find a cure for this, finally there’s some good news!

This vaccine was developed by biotech company Moderna to immunize people to the virus, and is called mRNA-1237. The vaccine is devoid of any part of the actual virus and is unable to cause any infection. Instead, it constitutes a small part of lab-grown messenger RNA.

45 healthy volunteers between 18-55 years from the US were injected at Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute (KPWHRI) as the first study on Monday, the very first volunteer being tech company operations manager 43-year-old Jennifer Haller. She expressed that she wanted to be a part of this in order to do something to be a help in this situation.

Jeniffer Haller receiving the first shot Image source

During this first stage of the study, the vaccine is being tested using different doses to find out which one/s gives positive immune results. The 45 volunteers are given two doses, one month apart. Only once they get the results will they be able to clearly state whether the vaccine is successful and safe. For this, the researchers are on constant check for any side effects.

However, even if the vaccine is found out to be successful, people will not have acces to it until a year or a year and a half. Also, another vaccine is being developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals which will be put to study starting from next month in the US, China, and South Korea.

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