US Nurse Dies From COVID-19 And His Last Text Message Is Heartbreaking

US Nurse Dies From COVID-19 And His Last Text Message Is Heartbreaking

COVID-19 news from the US does not sound so good. They have surpassed China in the total number of deaths recorded from any country. Over 3000 have died, with over 160,000 confirmed cases. The worst affected city is New York, with over 60,000 confirmed cases and over 900 deaths. The effect this has on people in the US needs not be emphasized. If these numbers keep increasing, the situation is going to get worse.

Such a large number of patients in turn requires a large number of healthcare personnel as well as equipment. Most importantly, the doctors and nurses need to stay safe so that they can assist in curing the patients. As much as people need to stick to social distancing these days, we need to safeguard all healthcare personnel, because if they are not there, there’s no one we can turn to. However, the overwhelming number of patients has caused a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

A nurse from New York has died from the virus, and the last person whom he texted was his sister. The last texts he sent are too heartbreaking to read. They only show how dedicated healthcare personnel are, and how much of their time, labour, and most importantly, health, they sacrifice.

Credit: PA Images

The nurse who passed away is Kious Jordan Kelly, an assistant nurse manager at Mount Sinai West. He was committed to treating COVID-19 patients. He was tested positive for the virus and hospitalized on 17th March. He has also suffered from severe asthma, and die at age 48.

His sister, Marya Sherron shared Kelly’s last text messages which said: “Can’t talk because I choke and can’t breathe. I love you. Going back to sleep.

Credit Marya Sherron

Marya is also of the opinion that Kelly could have been saved if there was enough PPE, including masks, gowns, and gloves.

Watch more about this in the following video.

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