US Healthcare Personnel Facing Salary Cut Down Amidst COVID-19

US Healthcare Personnel Facing Salary Cut Down Amidst COVID-19

In the battlefront in the fight against COVID-19 are the healthcare workers. They have been working 24/7, denied family time that everyone else is enjoying these days from home. The amount of sacrifice they are making, even putting their health and safety at risk, cannot be given a value. They don’t have superpowers to make miracles happen. It is all about their dedication and compassion.

It is already hard enough as it is for ER workers given the pandemic situation and the stress and amount of work they’re put through. A for-profit healthcare facility has made it even harder for them by cutting down the salary of the healthcare workers there. Cameron Beach’s father is an ER doctor from the healthcare facility in question, and she shared on Twitter the unjust situation that her father and her colleagues have been met with.

Image credits: CameronNBeach

People were concerned about this situation and the Tweet went viral in no time. Many joined the discussion too, and some were saying that they are facing the same situation.

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Most ER providers in the US appear to work for staffing companies on contract basis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, elective procedures need to be postponed. This has cause revenue to be lost, and the immediate solution the authorities have gone for is cutting down the salaries of ER workers.

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But Scott Hickey, the president of the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians, warned that “these actions are unacceptable and unnecessary.” In a statement, he urged medical staffing groups to keep workers employed with federal support, as well as payroll relief and paycheck protection through the CARES Act. “We cannot afford to jeopardize the health of our patients by having understaffed emergency departments.”


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