Type A Blood Group More Vulnerable To COVID-19


I’m not the carrier of good news, if you are a type A blood group. According to recent research, it has been found out that type A blood group carries a higher risk of catching the coronavirus. This conclusion is based on a research conducted on 206 dead COVID-19 patients. Out of the 206 who died, 85 was of type A, making 41% of the total deaths.

No, this doesn’t mean that the other blood groups aren’t at risk. Keep washing your hands!

While news is circulating that the elderly as well as people with respiratory system related diseases like asthma are at a higher risk, researches show that your blood type is going to become a factor too.

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In a study carried out on 2000 COVID-19 patients, the results showed that type A blood group showed the most vulnerable in this situation. Not just that, this blood group also showed the most severe symptoms among others.

The good news is, type O blood group seems to be the least vulnerable, according to studies.

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The study carried out in Wuhan University under Wang Xinghuan studied 2137 Chinese people infected with the virus from three hospitals. Statistics prove that the most common blood type in Chinese is type O (34%), while type A accounts for only 32%. Despite that, 41% patients were of type A, whereas type O patients were only 25%.

Anyhow, the researchers insist that there is no need for the type A people to panic, just as type O people should not think they are safe. Everyone needs to keep washing their hands, and stick to the relevant instructions.

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