Two Widowed Penguins Holding Each Other Gazing Upon The Lights In The Horizon

Two Widowed Penguins Holding Each Other Gazing Upon The Lights In The Horizon

Tobias Baumgaertner is a photographer from Australia. He captured a photograph of two bereaved penguins consoling each other in 2019.

The following is what he had to say about this mesmerizing photograph:

During the current circumstances, the really luckiest ones are those that can be with their loved ones. This photograph shows how much we need each other in times of need. This snap was taken a year ago. These two penguins, sitting above the Melbourne horizon were resting there for quite a long time, flipper in flipper, watching the shimmering lights of the horizon and sea.

A kind soul approached me and told me that the white one was an old woman who had lost her partner and clearly so did the more youthful male to one side. It is since then that they continued to meet and used their time for being there for each other. They would stand there together for a long time watching the moving lights of the city.

I had to go through 3 entire evenings to capture this image. It was a hassle due to the lack of light and the small penguins constantly moving, scouring their flippers on one another’s backs and cleaning each other. It was extremely difficult to get a shot. But luckily I got fortunate during one wonderful second. I hope that you appreciate this moment just like I did.

“… Love is the only game where which we win even when we lose. ”

It’s admirable how these two lovebirds were thinking about each other and standing up for each other. While the other penguins were resting or roaming around, these two remained there, holding each other in their flippers and discussing penguin stuff. It is the heartbreak that has united them. Love comes when you completely stop hoping for it anymore. It’s a benefit to genuinely cherish somebody. It feels heavenly when they love you back.

While the photographer describes his experience in taking this beautiful picture as above, he emphasizes how much it means to be there for one another, especially at a time like this. I hope the message conveyed by the photographer motivates you to be there for someone who really needs it.

Image credits: tobiasvisuals

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