Two Medical Workers Stand Still And Calm, Blocking Angry Quarantine Protesters

Two Medical Workers Stand Still And Calm, Blocking Angry Quarantine Protesters

There is a reason why WHO and every other local authority keep saying to stay quarantined! Defying it would only make things worse, and this is exactly what quarantine protesters did!

People can be gullible at times, making them filled with rage for pointless things. The more people protests against health warnings, the harder it’s going to get for everyone. With numerous urban and whole states in the US still under quarantine, anxieties are racing through our veins right now. People are combating against coronavirus lockdown orders. But the medical professionals in Colorado were not having it. They stood up against protesters! Truly stood still.

The health care system has been repeatedly cautioning us that social distancing is the best thing we can do as of now to prevent the spreading of the infection. Still, protests were held against lockdown everywhere throughout the urban communities over the US over the course of the end of the week. The health authorities were devastated when they found out about these. It had been occurring all through the communities of the United States. They just had enough of it, forcing them to step in and stop the protesters.

KCNC revealed that many individuals were heavily protesting at the State Capitol in Denver. They were angry and yelling and waving their protest flags around with signs, many vehicles, and trucks blaring. But, they ran into a counter-protest as two medical workers in Denver had enough of it. You can see photographs and recordings taken of two health care workers standing on a crosswalk and blocking vehicles.

One lady wearing a USA shirt and sitting on the traveler side of a pickup truck was yelling at the counter-protest: “Place that is known for the free. Go to China in the event that you need socialism!” The yells were joined by the sign that stated, “land of Free”.

The healthcare workers stood at an intersection in silence, sometimes blocking the cars that went by.

The healthcare workers said that protesters treated them with hostility.

Colorado governor Jared Polis has issued a stay-at-home order that is to remain in effect until April 26.

Around the country, protesters were rallying against coronavirus restrictions and said that their rights and personal freedom are infringed and the lockdown is threatening to destroy their livelihoods.

They stood there as a reminder that human lives are at stake

The counter-protesting workers were not identified

While at the moment, more than 97% of the US population is under lockdown, the president of the Land of the Free said states will be able to start reopening on May 1.

Programming engineer Marc Zenn has shared an amazing video of the protest that he saw himself.

Mind that the world needs your cooperation at this point when medical supplies are running very low and medical workers are literally sacrificing their life for you. Think about others, don’t be selfish.

Image credits: Alyson Mcclaran

* There are speculations saying that the health workers seen here going against anti-lockdown protestors are fake and the whole act is staged, AUKOD would like to mention that we have not independently verified the truth behind this claim.

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