Two Dogs Didn’t Leave Their Owner’s Dead Body After His Tragic Fall From A Canyon Till The Rescue Team Arrive

Two Dogs Didn't Leave Their Owner's Dead Body After His Tragic Fall From A Canyon Till The Rescue Team Arrive

Animals have deeper emotions than you may think. This story will touch your hearts.
Two dogs named Tonka and Little P, are left on their own after their owner Kris Busching tragically slipped and fell to his death. They were on a hiking trip when Busching met his tragic fate. The pups were also injured because of this accident.

The animal welfare organization was soon to come in for their aid. They set up a GoFundMe account in order to “support the rescue and rehabilitation” of the two dogs. The animal welfare organization, Mr. Bones & Co, had only opened just four days ago. But regardless of it, they had already collected double the original goal of $8000. as of now they have raised an incredible $20,150. Everyone was so touched by the tragic story of the pups that they made sure the pups receive timely and proper care.

The tragic incident happened when Busching got lost during the hiking expedition, left without food or water. This made him, his friend and the dogs panic. When Busching spotted a freshwater creek in a canyon, he attempted to reach there with the dogs. But, unfortunately, the 33-year-old tattoo artist died as he slipped and fell.

As the GoFundMe explains:

“From the top of the canyon, Mark, who could not get to them, lit signal fires and hollered for help. He was found the next day by search and rescue helicopters. When search and rescue got to Kris his dogs were next to him, having not left his body since the fall.”

Kris is pictured below with his two loyal dogs:

The dogs were under recovery at the Animal Medical Centre in Manhattan. The Mr. Bones & Co trust issued an update on the pair’s health. Posting on Saturday, the organization said that the older dog Tonka “still has plenty of hikes ahead of him now that his left foreleg has been repaired and plated and his right wrist stabilized for a hopefully nonsurgical recovery”.

In a statement shared with the campaign, Busching’s brother Dave saidd:

“We are all devastated, and really can’t describe the void and pain that we all feel. He was a talented human, with huge hopes and dreams. He lived an extreme lifestyle, and like most in my family, loved the outdoors. He was mine and my sister’s little brother, my parent’s youngest son, and we loved him unconditionally.”


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THEIR BOND IS EPIC. We are searching for a home for two boys who lost their world suddenly when their dad @theworld_is_yours_87 died protecting them on a hiking accident last week. The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two as big brother TONKA was admitted to our emergency animal hospital @amcny so that his leg could be saved needs no further caption. His bond with LITTLE P is forever. . If you are an active home prepared to give these boys the world their dad intended for them, please complete the application at We will consider all states within driving distance of New York City. . #adopttonkaandlittlep #oneluckypup #rescueisthenewblack #bondedpair

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In an Instagram post, Mr. Bones & Co. revealed that they are now looking to rehome to two dogs.

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