The Two Brave Men Who Ran Into The Traffic Head First to Save A Kitty From A Tragic Death

Two men run into traffic to save little kitty from being killed

The events that have been captured around the world of how animals help humans are endless. We are forever grateful for these little souls. From a pooch helping a down syndrome kid or to a pooch helping a blind man cross the road. Imagine the amount of love and care that’s on their hearts.

We love animals. We would get excited by just seeing a pet on the streets and get excited just by seeing it. We would rush to pet it right away. Humans and pets share a unique kind of unconditional love. Many pet owners have stated that coming home from a hard day of work to their pets, feels wonderful. They feel loved and appreciated by just a wagging of their tails. 

They make sure that they are there for you. We feel on top of the world no matter what we might have been through previously, the pets would never give up to cheer us up. 

Today’s story would motivate you to love animals even more! 

Mission: “Saving the kitty” (Phase One)

Quentin Leroy, from Belgium,  was on about thinking it’s going to be a normal day. He was on his way to work riding on his bike when all of a sudden he saw something moving out of the corner of his eyes.

When you see the video you’ll see how he reacted when he realized what it was!.

He yelled out;


He hit the brakes and parked his bike on the side and ran head fast into the traffic towards the creature he saw at the corner of his eyes. When he finally reached with all his adrenaline rushing through his veins he saw that another man who saw the same thing had got him off his vehicle to help the creature. They first stopped the traffic to save… A KITTY! 

A poor kitty was helpless in the middle of the road frightened it’s 9 lives away from its soul. Quentin was relieved to have arrived and rescued the kitty before anything bad happen. So was the other guy, the thing about him was, he was ALLERGIC TO CATS, but regardless of it, his humane and selfless nature got his feet up and running to save the kitty. Don’t these wholesome actions melt our hearts?. These make us believe that humanity still exists. 

Quentin agreed to take the kitty home with him to which the other guy thanked him, and I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for his allergy he would be more than willing to take the kitty home. 


Quentin named the kitty “Loulou” as that’s the common name for “little creature” in Germany.

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