Transform Your Ordinary-Looking Garden Into A Mystical Underwater Realm


These jellyfish succulents look like they came straight out of Disney. They look so unrealistically beautiful as if it belongs to an underworld secret garden.

Imagine beautifying your garden or front porch with these beauts. I’m pretty sure you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these. Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Do you want to make these on your own?

Meet Succulents!

This is going to be a piece of good news to those who just love to do gardening but manages to kill every plant they touch. Succulents do NOT require attention as much as other plants. They tend to take care of themselves. You can take care of them with the least amount of effort. And boom! Before you know, they will bloom into the most beautiful shapes and sizes.

Some people have taken a creative twist and turned into making an art piece out of the succulents. The latest one is using multiple types of succulents to get a unique type of jellyfish succulent. The possibilities are endless! You can create it just the way you want and any way you want.

But fear not! We are going to show you how it is done.

You need to have two types of basic succulents and I’m sure they are very easy to find. Then you can create new patterns following the below steps. You are in control of your creative mind.

First Step

You need one of these hanging baskets as shown below, plenty of soil and two types of succulents; one for the top of the Jellyfish and one for the tentacles.

Fill your hanging basket with soil. Make sure to fill it almost to the top.

Then, plant five of the succulents you decide to be the tentacles, close to the edge of the basket. The sort of succulent appropriate to be used as the tentacles can be like a Donkey’s tail ( Sedum Morganalanum).

Then take 5 to 6 of your picked blossoming succulents and plant them inside the hanging basket. Echeveria is a kind of succulent you can use as your blooming succulent since it is a rose kind succulent and sprouts in different colors and shapes.

Now that you know how the magic is done, it is time to get creative. Happy Gardening and please make sure to share this among your friends.

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