We thought we have seen it all of what crazy things people tend to do during the quarantine. I am sure you must have seen posts about people trying to bake for the first time, talking to neighbors via the windows, making Dalgona coffee and so much more. It can get pretty boring to some just to see nothing exciting happening on the internet. You might have tried them all.

But today’s story is one next level creation that got the whole world laughing, with admiration! People don’t cease to surprise us and make our quarantine life even more exciting!

Russian people thought of something very creative. Since they love to visit their favorite art galleries and museums, and they can’t do so because of the lockdown, they thought of becoming art pieces themselves.

How you may ask? By recreating famous art pieces with whatever objects they find at their home. It can be toilet papers that you use to recreate it or even using your own cat as a tiger. You can get creative with your unique artistic recreation. Not only can you have a good laugh at the end of the day, but you also feel a bit proud that you recreated a masterpiece.

The brilliant idea was forwarded by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. They challenged the people at home to recreate their favorite works of art and the results were brilliant! And very very hilarious too. Check them out yourself!
















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