This Is How People In Istanbul Treated Stray Animals In The Winter 


When the temperature hits low, most of us can get wrapped up in a warm blanket on a comfy sofa. Well, not the homeless animals outside who can either get frostbitten or die from the cold. 

When a snowstorm hit Istanbul shop owners took the animals inside their shops and let them stay cozy and warm with blankets over their bodies.  

 Let’s see how they cared for the helpless animals.  

Selçuk Bayal, a cafe owner provided shelter in his store for twelve stray cats without any reluctance. Also, a Penti store allowed some stray dogs to find refuge in their shop even if it was full of customers. The manager of Penti store; Arzu Inan has posted some captures of these innocent animals with the caption saying “only true love warms”. This touched the hearts of many people. They could have thought of their sales instead of worrying about these creatures. But their hearts melted for these innocent animals. That’s why they thought of providing some shelter at their stores. 

Ali Çelik

Not only the shop owners but also the customers performed their duty towards these innocent stray animals. Also, the other people who passed by the canines and kittens fed them with meals, and some cardboard boxes were provided to save them from sleeping on the cold ground. Further, some people were kind enough to gift them with blankets to warm their bodies. Finally, from the way puppies and kittens slept and relaxed, it was obvious that they were grateful to the people who helped them. 

One cannot imagine how these homeless animals could have survived the cold if not for these people. The bitter truth is that these animals could have lost their lives.

Therefore, this is not simply to be read and forgotten. The way Istanbul people behaved towards the stray animals during the winter gives a significant message to all humans. As humans, you cannot just comfort yourself thinking that you have done all your duties and responsibilities to your family. You may be 100% successful in your family life or you may be in a higher position in your career life but still, there’s some void to be fulfilled. You should give something back to nature. Therefore, this is a message which everyone should learn something from. Animals also have feelings like us, but they cannot speak for their rights nor needs. Let’s take care of them! 






Image Credit : Arzu Inan

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