This Fluffy Big Cat Was Rejected By Many People Until The Internet Did Its Magic!

This Fluffy Big Cat Was Rejected By Many People Until The Internet Did Its Magic!

The Internet has been saving many lives of both humans and animals. You might have seen endless posts on how the internet came to the rescue of unloved animals. This is one such story.

Morris Animal Refuge, an animal shelter located in Philadelphia took their turn on the internet hoping they could find a forever home to their cat who weighs a hefty 26 pounds. This cat goes by the name, Mr. B.

You can see why people would have rejected this fluff ball. That cat is so massive that people just denied to accept it. But this shelter DID NOT give up on finding happiness for this chunk. They loved the cat so much that it broke their heart when people refused to have him.

Soon after the shelter introduced the big fluffy MR. B, on social media, it went viral! It was a dream come true to the shelter people. They stated that they wanted to take home the ‘jumbo-sized package of fluff and love’. The people adored how fluffy and cute that big cat is. Requests for adoption kept loading on to the site which resulted in a total crash of the website.

The shelter didn’t expect this much attention, but Mr. B deserved all of that. After going through so much rejection, the cat finally receives love from all over the world. The posts went so viral that it had over 14.5K retweets and over 50K likes. Never ever underestimate people’s love for big cats!

Morris Animal Refuge, though they had so many requests, carefully considered who the right family for Mr.B would be. And finally, they picked the best family for the two-year-old big boy.

The new owner knows how much of a fan base Mr.B already has. So they created a social platform for the fluff ball so that the fans can still see what goes on in his life.
The big boy Mr. B. was welcomed to his new home!

“We saw this Instagram photo four hours after it was posted (this is actually the very screenshot I took when I saw him, and we agreed instantly we loved BeeJay already). Here’s to sharing Mr. B’s story (keeping his name and still calling him BeeJay, too!) We’ve got a long way to go and plenty to share (he’s doing great, btw!)” wrote the new owners.

Image credits: MorrisAnimal

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