Therapy Dog Helps Healthcare Personnel Fighting COVID-19


The busiest and the most stressed out among all of us who are experiencing the COVID-19 situation is the healthcare personnel. They are at the front of all of this, sacrificing their time, safety, and everything, in order to protect the rest of us. They are human beings too, and they have their own capacities. To bring in some relief and relaxation to their lives, the therapy dog called Wynn is helping the staff at Rose Medical Center in Denver.

It was when Wynn was just 8 months that Dr. Susan Ryan took Wynn with her. WYnn is one years old now, and Dr. Ryan brings Wynn to the hospital frequently to familiarize it with the hospital environment and gain experience in dealing with patients. Given the COVID-19 situation, Wynn is now helping the doctors and nurses who are under huge stress and need emotional support.

Image Credit: Canine Companions Rocky Mountains/Instagram

Wynn has his own room in the social worker’s office. Doctors and nurses can go there to get some fluffiness from Wynn and help themselves relax mentally.

Image Rose Medical Center/Instagram

Wynn is there as part of a program called “Canine Companions for Independence”. Dr. Ryan os fostering and training Wynn for this program, and when Wynn is about 18-22 months old, Wynn will go to a training center to complete the training. Once she receives the certificate of completion, she will go to her forever home to help someone who needs her support.

Image Downtown Little Rock/Instagram
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