The Magical Brotherhood Between A Cat And A Baby Human!

This Cat Has Been Protecting Her Little Human Since Before He Was Born

If you are a cat owner, it’s not a doubt that you know about the friendship between cats and humans. Cats always familiar with humans and love to stay close with their owners. Sometimes you find that your kitty addicted to licking your hands or legs. From that, he tries to prove the possession to his owner. But have you ever heard about brotherhood between a cat and a baby human before his birth?

This kitty has a name that really matched her fuzz colors. Her name is Panda and her little human brother’s name is Sean. Their lovely bond has started before Sean’s birth. When Sean’s mom got pregnant, Panda used to follow her always. She loved to sit on mom’s lap and tuck her head on mom’s belly. Sean’s mom said that Panda was fine with that pose.

Now Sean is 3 years old. There’s nothing changed. Panda always with Sean. She completely devoted Sean during these three years. Panda begins her day with Sean. Early in the morning she jumps on Sean’s bed and sits close to him. Panda adores her brother; Sean from the beginning of the day until Sean falls asleep at the night. Because of this Panda’s love, Sean won’t need a human brother forever.

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Liel Ainmar
Liel Ainmar
Liel Ainmar
Liel Ainmar
Liel Ainmar
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