The Two Friends – Hedgehog And Bengal Cat – Are Pros At Posing

The Two Friends - Hedgehog And Bengal Cat - Are Pros At Posing

Friendships don’t happen only between similar individuals. Differences make beautiful relationships too. This is about such a unique friendship between a hedgehog (Herbee) and a bengal cat (Audree) from Germany.

There is a beautiful relationship between the two of them. Talitha Girnus adopted Audree after she saw her having a bengal cat once in her dreams. Although she had doubts about the two of them getting along, she was more than happy to see them being pals. She updates the fanbase of these two friends constantly on her social media. She takes beautiful pictures of the two enjoying their time together, and their followers love their photos. If numbers say how popular they are, they have a 1.8 million fanbase on Instagram. Their popularity grew so quickly that they had only 300K fans 6 months ago.

Herbee was previously owned by a girl, but she had to give him up because she showed allergies. Since Herbee came to Tilatha’s, he and Audree have been inseparable. They have become pros at posing for such cute pictures, and Talitha arranges beautiful backdrops for them to pose.

“They eat together at night, sometimes from the same bowl. Audree likes Herbee’s food better than her own even though they eat the same food (except for Herbee’s insects). Audree is allowed in Herbee’s cage and sleeps there sometimes or just watches him. Herbee bit Audree once and she wasn’t hurt but meowed and left—it never happened again.”

When they could go out all before this, they used to take pictures outside with beautiful sceneries. At the moment, they are living on a family farm and spring is starting there. So, she is hoping that they will be able to take some spring photos when flowers start to bloom.

Until then, have a look at these cute pictures!























Image credits: | Instagram | Facebook

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