The Toddler That Can Catwalk Better Than You!

The Toddler That Can Catwalk Better Than You!

Meet Francesca Rausi. She is just four years of age and she has down syndrome. She is the tiniest fashionista and slays the catwalk. She has a keen interest in modeling competitions since she was a toddler!

She was a baby when she entered her first competition, and she was named “Top Junior Model” in Malta ( Fashion show for disabled models in Malta) as reported by the Daily Mail.
Francesca has won the title of “Best Junior Super Model” at the Miss Junior Malta competition, and at a previous International fashion show, Francesca brought home the Best Cutie Little Model.

As amazing as it might sound she quickly turned into a catwalk style supermodel. She is extremely confident and never forgets to smile.

Francesca was by all account not the only one who made a statement at the occasion. A 23-year-old Madeline Stuart was likewise with Down syndrome. She has been battling as long as she can remember to prove against the general public’s view of what it really means to be “beautiful” with regards to down syndrome. That made Francesca take up modeling as her career to build awareness of Down syndrome.

Michelle, Francesca’s mom, wanted her to challenge society’s hypocrisy and show what it really means to be beautiful and change society’s views on Down syndrome. Michelle states that Francesca participated multiple times in catwalk after the toddler fashion show and turned out to be incredibly confident in her modeling. She walks like a queen, like she literally owns the catwalk with her unbeatable smile!

Her mother told the publication: “I feel very emotional watching her because I see the happiness in her eyes. It’s out of this world.” When asked about her future aspirations, Francesca says the plan is to continue pursuing a career as a fashion model. In the long run, Michelle hopes that her daughter’s career will inspire other children to pursue their passion and raise awareness about Down syndrome

Tiziana Randsi organized a fashion show in Malta in an effort to promote these women In the world of fashion and Francesa appeared in it. The show had 22 models with various disabilities aged from four to 24. Tiziana wanted to eradicate the so-called limit in disability as seen by a majority of people. She wanted these models to show that disability will not stop them from shining.

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