The Silent Heroes In The Current Pandemic War: Grocery Store Employees.

The Silent Heroes In The Current Pandemic War: Grocery Store Employees.

Many of us forget about the grocery store workers who work twice as hard during these days. People are panicking due to the current pandemic war which makes them hoard all the items available in the supermarket.

Such behavior is unacceptable. One must always understand that there are other people who need food too. But it’s understandable that when you see empty shelves your mindset would change in a flick of light making you rush in and fill your cart as well.

But, we encourage you to not give in to those temptations. Instead, think of all the people who might actually need them more than you do. When buying items please keep your grocery store workers in mind. They don’t have the time of the day, they keep restocking those shelves two to four times a day. While most of you all are at home, it’s people like delivery drivers and grocery store workers that don’t have that luxury at the moment, because every day they go out there risking their health to help us get the things we need to survive.

In this video, you will see how much it means to thank these workers. Please! Next time you see them, thank them for their services. They didn’t sign up for this, but they know their duties of being human. They work risking every breath for us.

Keep grocery store workers, bus drivers, and those who work for the postal service in your prayers and thank them for their services!

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