Puppy Saved From A Tragic Death Can’t Stop Smiling


Saving an animal that has suffered through a tough time is a blessing because you can clearly see the gratefulness in their eyes.

This little puppy was found wandering a major expressway and would have met with an untimely and tragic death if it wasn’t for this one motorist who took pity on this tiny creature and scooped it up out of harm’s way.

The pup was ever so grateful to her unexpected savior. You can see the small fellow smiling away at her new temporary shelter home, shortly after the incident.

Animals are capable of feeling a lot more than we would normally give them credit for. The little pup surely must have felt the feelings of hopelessness and confusion as it stumbled along the road with massive vehicles screaming past its tiny form. So, now she thanks her savior in the only way she knows – with a beaming smile and an enthusiastic waggle of her little tail.

Lucky for her, the pooch didn’t have to wait long before she was adopted. Matthew and Nicole came into the shelter just a few days afterward and the moment they laid their eyes on the smiling puppy, it was love at first sight. The puppy was still recovering from weeks of malnourishment and dehydration, but as soon as Nicole picked her up, she looked as if all of that was long past her. The pooch simply didn’t want to leave Nicole’s side, snuggling up to her every chance she got. The couple, awed by this display of affection, simply had to take the puppy home!

So, the couple decided to adopt the pooch and named her Layla. At first, they were a little nervous as to how Layla would respond to their other dogs back home. But, to their surprise, her loving and playful nature was welcomed with open paws by the rest of the pack and Layla had finally found her forever home.

You can clearly see how much fun she is having with her new best friends. And all of this is thanks to the one brave motorist who went out of his way to help a poor innocent creature, out of the kindness of his heart. We shudder to imagine Layla’s fate if it wasn’t for the gallant action of this one person. Thanks to their bravery, Layla will live to see another day and bring a smile to her human’s face. And perhaps yours too! The smiling pup who made everyone smile. You can see more of Layla down below in the video. 

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

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