The Meaning Of “I Love You” When A Narcissist Says It

The Meaning Of

Among the many forms of showing affection, “I love you” is a very common phrase that we share with our partner or family members who we deeply care about deeply. But is it true that the meaning of “I Love you” could change when it is said by a narcissist?

Trust me, when a narcissist says “I love you”, those words can entirely mean something else.

Warning! Some of these statements are confessions given by a narcissist and could trigger trauma to those who have undergone emotional abuse.

1. If the narcissist says they love you, they just want to make you believe they love you badly. They do not really mean it. In other words, they put you in a make-believe situation.

2. The more you love them, the more they feel like they have the power to take advantage of your kindness. While you make them feel better, they would make you feel small and insignificant through their behavior.

3. They love how you build your life around them, how you keep them as your top priority, fixing their problems, relieving them from their pain. They love ATTENTION, and it is around them that the relationship and your life are centered.

4. They love when they bring you so down that you try to question your own sanity. You would not know what is right or what is real unless they show and tell you. You’d end up feeling guilty, ultimately believing what they say to be the truth.

5. They say I LOVE YOU, only to have you as a punching bag, because they know that you are not going to leave them.

6. They love to see the disappointment in your face. While their expectations on you keep rising, yours would gradually decline. You’ll be always on the run living to their expectations.

7. They mean they love the hatred for you. They love themselves vicariously through the love you give towards them. They love to see you suffer.

8. They love how you make it your responsibility to keep them happy. They love the feeling that they can be the victim around you when you try to point out their personality flaws and harmful behavior. Always, you’ll be the one trying to fix it all despite whether you are right or wrong.

9. They love to make you feel horrible about you when you try to tell them how they hurt you, because you’re the one who is responsible for keeping the happiness in the relationship. Also, they make you feel like there is no escape from this toxic relationship. In other words, you’ll be guilt-tripped even when you’re right and trying to fix it.

10. They love how you support them all the time and how they never have to support you. They absolutely know the things you deserve but they don’t give it, and they enjoy how you’re turning completely into a slave.

11. They only portray an image of love just to use you and manipulate you.

12. They love how you feel like you are with the right person but they know how they make you feel unworthy and insignificant.

13. When they say “I love you”, it means how they love the fact you obey their every rule and how you live by them.

14. They will use hurtful words and manipulative tactics under the guise of love. They will always say, “I won’t change, I will always be me”.

If you are already a victim of emotional abuse from your narcissist partner, please leave, and seek counseling. I was a victim of a narcissist partner and I still have INSECURITIES and TRUST ISSUES. You are worth so much more. Leave. NOW!

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