The Images That Most Scare You Reveal Your Hidden Traits


While almost every one of us finds psychological studies interesting given what it says about the human mind, psychologists over time have come up with various experiments and tests that reveal different aspects to the psychology of an individual. Léopold Szondi, a Hungarian psychologist, introduced a test in the 20th century to disclose an individual’s interests and subconscious thoughts. The basis on which this test was developed is that people tend to get attracted to other people similar to them.

In this test called the Szondi test, headshots of mental patients are shown to the subject, asking them to choose two pictures each from the ones that appeal to them and repulse them. The result of the analysis of this choice reveals different aspects of the subject’s personality which they like and dislike. Earlier, the test was carried out using a total of 48 photos divided into eight main groups.

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While the test was later dismissed by other psychologists on the basis that physical appearance cannot be considered a reliable indicator of mental health, the test continues to influence people to date. The extent to which people find these kinds of psychological tests interesting, was recently proved again, when the Facebook user called Junji Noe published this test’s shortened version. It only took hours for it to go viral, as people were curious as to what this test might reveal to themselves about their unconscious personality traits. Given below is the test posted by Junji Noe on Facebook. While you might come across interesting details about yourself, it is advised not to take the test seriously, given that it is not based on scientific facts.

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