The elephant who took matters to his legs!

Well, who doesn’t love mangoes? In this case, this elephant beats us all from being a mango lover. 

This extraordinary elephant loves mangoes so much so that it climbed off a wall to steal some mangoes that caught its eyes. Imagine going through all that for mangoes. Well, here we have an elephant who took matters to his legs!

Where and how?

The Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, offers lots of activities such as hiking and sightseeing. This place also offers animals only fresh fruits and vegetables to make their meals interesting. However, this mischievous little elephant couldn’t resist the temptation to eat the juicy mangoes that he saw at the park, and this made him climb over the 5ft wall stretching its legs. Must have been a nice sight, isn’t it? 

Ian Salisbury

Visitors’ Reaction!

Visitors were awed by the elephant’s childlike behavior. The visitors found it very impressive as to how an elephant could go to the extent of climbing a higher wall. And they were very surprised at the fact that the elephant was patient enough to have planned it’s way over the wall just to get a taste of those precious mangoes.

Visitors also noticed how he was finally satisfied after his hard work was accomplished. 

The Bushcamp Company

NOT the first time?

Yes, there were many more instances that drew many elephants into the Mfuwe Lodge’s Safari because of their love for fruits. But it was only this little elephant that got the chance to actually taste one!

This also shows how strategic elephants can be. We should never underestimate an elephant’s thinking power. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience for the visitors and I’m sure the lodge will always welcome them over for some fruits. And surely, it wouldn’t even matter if they came over a wall.

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