The Bird That Was Forgotten During The Australian Fire.


The Australian wildfire shook the world, bringing heaps of tears and distress far and wide, causing everybody to be worried about wildlife. Numerous creatures were reported dead during the rapidly spreading fire. Some were protected. But some of them were overlooked or forgotten.

The media indicated that endemic creatures like kangaroos and koala bears. There were 187 unique types of creatures who were casualties of the wildfire. Among them was a little winged creature named the Australian Robin, who could have been the most vulnerable creature there was. 


Australian Robin is an endemic species to the South-Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Australian Robin is a miniature, round and a too adorable bird. It is super harmless. The bird would have been hard to find during the fire due to its size. It’s very small and very vulnerable. It’s also quieter than the other Robins. 

Australian Robin’s breed in Eucalyptus forests that are dark and moist rainforests. It means, it’s habitat would have been severely affected causing many deaths and injuries to Australian Robins.

Image credit : ambikangela

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