Landlords can be tough to deal with. But it’s understandable as to why they have to be strict. It is because they are vulnerable to possible risks when they rent their house or apartment to you. That is why they do background checks, reference checks and ask for expensive deposits.

Normally when we get an apartment for rent we treat it like our own home by keeping it nice and clean and decorating the apartment to make it feel like a home, very warm and cozy. But, there are people who would care less for any of that. They literally unleash their destructive mode and would cause chaos in the rented apartment. 

Unfortunately, this landlord had to go through the same thing, with a 10K damage to his property!

The landlord’s name is Ciro Ucci. He was shocked and disgusted at the state of his apartment which made him turn to Facebook and run a red flag over everyone. he wanted to educate them as to why landlords charge so much for rent and why the security deposit is so expensive.


“People wonder why rents and security deposits are high, or why property managers and landlords require such detailed background and reference checks, well folks, this is a prime example of those reasons,” Jerry writes in a now-viral Facebook post. 

“I rented this apartment to a family for a short-term six-month lease, they passed the job and reference checks, I got the initial month’s rent and security deposit and then the nightmare began…” 

“By the time I got them out,” Jerry writes, “they had caused upwards of 10k in damages, between that and the back rent owed, we’re out 15k in six months.” Yikes! This is so disgusting. And those little dots right on the floor are rabbit feces!.

“They left animals locked in bedrooms urinating for days on end to the point where urine was leaking through the ceiling of the business below them,” Jerry writes. “Every room has either animal or human poop smeared on floors, shelves, inside cupboards and walls!”  


I can never imagine doing even a little damage to another’s property, let alone my own. This is beyond disgusting. Ciro Ucci didn’t see this coming. They were picture perfect before they came in and had enough money to settle down the rent and the expensive security deposits. He would never have given this away if he had suspected they wouldn’t continue to pay and also trash the place down completely.

Hold up! Where are you going? Did you think that’s the end of the hell? By hell I mean the feces smeared up on the walls and pet urine that’s soaked into the floor? Oh no honey, there’s more where that came from.

“Every single wall has been colored on from children running rampant, the amount of flies/fruit flies in this apartment would rival any transfer station, and the smell is so bad I don’t know if we will ever be able to get rid of it!” 

Ew… I can literally see the soaking wet urinated floor and pet feces and food gone bad…I think I’m about to puke! I can smell the hellish place through the pictures and trust me it’s ain’t a good one. 

Jerry concludes his post by writing, “I would normally never post something like this, but I just want to make people aware of what landlords go through when they try and provide a nice home for people to live in. 

“Most of the time our tenants are great! But it’s these few disgusting people who ruin it for everyone else!” 

Am I the only one who needs to see who the tenants were? Since unmistakably, they didn’t have any compassion nor cleanliness towards themselves and the property (which they borrowed). They weren’t acting responsibly even towards their children. As parents, they should make a cleaner environment for their children. Yet, they made such a sickening and an undesirably disgusting condition for their children and pets. 


Jerry’s post received thousands of reactions, shares, and comments. This is truly an eye-opener to those who never really thought about the landlord’s side. Now people can easily see it from the landlord’s point of view. 

The two parties have an obligation of care towards one another. The proprietor has an obligation of care towards the tenant; to give a reasonable valuing, a safe environment, comfortable and clean living space, and so forth. Occupants have an obligation of care towards proprietors in treating their property well without harming the property, doing vital cleaning, etc.

This is a perfect example as to why it makes a landlord’s to have trust issues with people, causing them to do the extreme background checks, make rents expensive and request security deposits. After reading this, I sincerely find it very understandable that they are forced to be who they are. 


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