Telephone Helps You To Communicate With Your Lost Loved Ones 


The catastrophe that occurred in Japan caused a large number of deaths striking enormous pain to people. However, this otherworldly disengaged phone carried an exceptional method to contact their lost friends and families.

The magical disengaged telephone is located in the town of Otsuchi- about a 20-minute drive from Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture.

Itaru Sasaki is the magician credited for the otherworldly phone. He is a 72-year-old garden designer. He lost his cousin in 2010. Sasaki chose to construct a glass framed telephone booth in his garden with a disengaged turning telephone inside to speak with his lost cousin, it helps him deal with his grief.

Unfortunately, in 2011, an earthquake followed by a tsunami caused an atomic emergency that wound up hitting Sasaki’s coastal hometown of Otsuchi-with 30 foot waves.

Since the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2011 Tsunami, more than 25000 pain-stricken people visited the disconnected telephone booth. The individuals who came over to send their love “through the wind” were loaded up with grief and the telephone booth helped them get the closure they yearned.

They all grieved over the loss of their friends and families. Sasaki opened his “Kaze no denwa” or “wind telephone” to them trusting they would discover peace and closure as he did. With time, the word spread among the nation and visiting the telephone booth turned into a pilgrimage from around the nation.

The telephone, of course, doesn’t receive any answers since it’s just one-way communication. People who are hurting goes to the telephone and express their deep feelings to their lost friends and families. They talk about whatever they feel like to help themselves ease their pain and move on. It’s somewhat comforting to some, realizing that their cherished lost ones can hear them.
“The telephone is not connected, but people feel like their lost loved ones are there listening on the other end of the line,” Sasaki said, ” I want people to resume their lives as soon as possible by expressing their feelings”

Going through grief is one of the hardest battles a human can face. To lose someone you love so much and to know that they don’t exist anymore can keep you in trauma for a long time. And without proper healing, it will wreck a person’s life inside and out. But having an instrument like the wind phone can help ease at least some of that pain.

Grief is a powerful emotion and it can get into an extreme level. This type of grief is known as complicated grief that affects between 10% to 20% of grievers. The most difficult phase of the grief stage is the first several days or weeks.

These feelings are always accompanied by feelings of isolation. It’s natural to feel that. At some point in our lives, we are going to feel these emotions and it’s comforting to know that you can find closure through these methods. Make sure to share this with a friend or family who might want to take upon a visit to this magical telephone booth.

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