Talking About Your Cat With Your Neighbor Is The New “Quarantine And Chill”

Talking About Your Cat With Your Neighbor Is The New

Coronavirus has caused so many deaths across the world, causing a lot of fear among people. The states all over the world have gone to a lockdown mode and urged people to stay in their homes.

It’s been weeks, and people can lose their minds from boredom from not being able to go outside. However, people are now trying clever ways to communicate with their neighbors during the quarantine.

No, they are not calling them, but, they are using windows to talk! They go to creative lengths by writing on a paper, or sticking colorful adhesive in shapes of letters and pasting them on the window to talk to the neighbors!

The hot topic is actually about cats. It’s more wholesome than you think. Check these out!

Don’t lie, We Always Loved A Good Stare At Our Neighbors

The Neighbors Getting To Know Each Other’s Pet Feline!





Image credits: sian_cosgrove

Sian Cosgrove from Leeds, United Kingdom, has started to learn more about their neighbor’s kitty: “[We] are now both working from home so we are pretty much completely in the house (aside from food shops, etc).”

These Conversations are happening worldwide.




Image credits: Pixelsandpurls

As hard as it can be, we are actually saving the world by staying home. By social distancing, we are preventing the pandemic from spreading and causing many more deaths. This is called “Social Recession”, where people feel the most vulnerable due to isolation and loneliness. This affects especially the older adults, because cutting down social contact can be hard due to their disabilities or preexisting health conditions.

So, these little gestures can make a huge difference in elderly people’s lives during the quarantine.

Now Go, Get Creative, Stay Connected Through Windows, And Talk About Cats!

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