Switzerland And Its Well-Stocked Shelves In Stores


Most of the news that we kept hearing during this past week did not sound appealing. Some people dying and some people fighting over toilet paper, it was terrible to see what the world was turning into during the chaos. However, just as there was some good news about younger people getting grocery for elderly neighbors, Switzerland is setting an example as a whole country, for the whole world to watch and learn.

Most countries in the world are acting like it’s the end of the world. People are not listening to the government instructions, and some people behave as if they are never going to get infected by the virus.

That Switzerland is aware of the current global situation, is true, but that hasn’t made the citizens run around panic-buying, stocking up their pantries. They have shown excellent behavior as responsible and kind humans.

An Australian woman shared a video on Twitter showing how calmly Swiss citizens are behaving, with them doing some ordinary shopping around well-stocked shelves.

A lot of people were responding to these footage with criticisms of their countries and their approaches in handling the situation. Some went to the extent of sharing photos of empty shelves from stores from the UK.

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