Store Manager Gives The Middle Finger To COVID19 Hoarder

Store Manager Gives The Middle Finger To COVID19 Hoarder

Remember how people were panic buying when coronavirus first hit their countries? We saw selfish people hoarding their shopping carts with large quantities of essential goods, not leaving / sharing anything for other shoppers. This situation showed us both the good side and bad side of people. While some people were attacking others during shopping, there were also people who offered to go grocery shopping for elders.

Anyway, it took some time for these COVID19 hoarders to realize that they were hoarders. When this Australian man realized he had purchased too much, he tried to return all the piled up toilet paper rolls. However, he was refunded with only the middle finger of the store manager. Well, I think you’ll agree when I say he deserved it.

This man tried to return $10,000 worth toilet paper to the Drakes supermarket in Adelaide. The store manager, John-Paul Drake showed him the middle finger as the man showed up with around 5000 rolls of toilet paper and 150 one-liter hand sanitizer bottles. What else can you do when a selfish person behaves worse? What’s worse about this is that he came to return these when eBay refused to let him sell these items on their site. He was not only a hoarder, but a profiteer who wanted to make money out of the difficult situation everyone was in. Well, the store manager deserves a round of applause from everyone for the way he reacted.

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