Social Media Model Selling Meat Is The Newest Online Sensation


Starting up a business isn’t as easy as one would expect. Maintaining the business is even harder. In order to be successful at both, one has to be equipped with clever tactics that would assure a regular customer flow. 

A meat shop in Taiwan took their strategies to the next level when they employed a social media famous model called Little Peach to sell meat in the shop. Trust me, it did NOT end up a failure. Once the model was hired, the business boosted its sales, leading to the establishment of a loyal customer base.  

This model wears shorts and a sweater, and engages with customers by dealing with orders and sales. Given that she sells meat that are braised, she acquired the nickname “Braised model” soon after she became part of the business. However, the presence of a popular female model in the shop has led to the attraction of more male customers, and now women are visiting the shop to see what all this fuss is about. 

More customers were attracted to the shop as the model herself decided to post snaps of her new job online. Curiosity being an inherent characteristic of humans, people wanted to know the whereabouts of the shop, resulting in another group of loyal customers.

Well, isn’t this one of the most successful business strategies seen employed recently?

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