Soap Or Hand Sanitizer? What Do Experts Say?


Experts are saying that despite the ease of using hand sanitizers, it is the good old soap and water method that really helps to prevent coronavirus.

People are advised to wash their hands for a good 20 seconds, thoroughly. Wash your hands as if your life depends on it, because, in this case, it actually does!

This is not some false fact that everyone is sharing under panic. This is recommended by science as well as the WHO.

Professor Elizabeth Scott, hygiene expert from Simmons University, says that a mechanical action is used when we wash our hands with water and soap, which makes the bacteria and viruses loose from our hands’s skin.

As we explained in our previous article, COVID-19 spreads through the small water droplets an infected person releases through his/her coughing or sneezing. Obviously, these droplets will land in hundreds and thousands on the day to day object surfaces that we cannot avoid using on any terms. Elevator buttons, doorknobs, mobile devices, ATM machines, currency notes, the list goes on.

If you touch the above and then proceed to touch your face without cleaning your hands, you’re putting yourself at a risk. If you make it a habit to use hand sanitizers every now and then during your day, it might be effective to a certain extent. But, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention insist, make sure to wash your hands every chance you get. Sanitizers will be an option when soap and water are not instantly available. Make time to wash your hands every now and than, to protect both your and your loved ones’ lives.

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