Shiro Has Passed Away Making His Fans Cry

Shiro, The Most Relaxed Cat On Earth, Has Passed Away At Age 18

If you are a cat owner, this news will make you cry. Shiro is a Japanese kitty that was very famous for his chill and relaxed life. He passed away at the age of 18 on the 2nd of March, 2020. Most of Shiro’s fans put up notes and heart-touching comments on Facebook and Instagram, mentioning his personality and chill life.

Shiro was a very cute cat with white color and soft fuzz. He was very famous on Social Media because of his elaborate photo collection. Most of Shiro’s photos show his lazy and sleepy lifestyle. Shiro had a special ability to sleep in different kinds of postures. Some of Shiro’s sleeping poses made his fans amazed and laugh. It didn’t matter where or when to sleep, Shiro can manage his own pose. One of Shiro’s latest released photos showed that he is balancing a frog on his head while sleeping.

Everyone knew about this cat as Shiro but it wasn’t his full name. Shiro’s full name is “Shironeko”. In Japanese, its meaning is ‘white cat’. So the name totally matched Shiro’s features. His pink color nose made him more handsome. That handsome look took Shiro to have more than one Instagram account. However, all of Shiro’s fans now pine with this saddest news. Some page owners released many fascinating photo collections to remember Shiro’s best moments. It’ll make viewers sad even if they didn’t know about Shiro!

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