Love, as we all yearn for it, attempt to discover it from somebody so that we feel cherished and taken care of. A few of us feel lost in this knot of what love really is. We get tied up in such a solid bond that may feel like an incredible relationship yet then you come to an understanding that you have been a prey from the beginning.

You may discover somebody who loves you or portrays an image of loving you, and you wouldn’t have the slightest idea about the difference since somewhere inside your heart you try your best to believe that they do indeed love us honestly.

You might have understood or even felt the two-faced words coming from their mouth. The words they say would be coming directly from their hearts or they simply say things that you need to hear. It’s sad to acknowledge that a few of us are frightened to be alone and therefore would rather stay with people ignoring all their red flags.

You might be with the love of your life but they would effortlessly grab hold of your self-confidence and tumble it to the ground.

sad couple

Here are some signs that show you are dating a toxic person.

1. They possibly focus on you more when there’s something in it for them.

2. They continue ridiculing you about something you did from quite a while ago.

3. They make you feel like you are a disappointment.

4. They make you doubt about what you can accomplish in your life.

5. They lie to you and about you.

6. They cause you to feel “negatively” about yourself as well as other people.

7. They argue with you to get something.

8. They cause you to feel weakened.

9. They attempt to make you become somebody they want.

10. They control you.

sad couple

How to Leave Toxic People Behind

1. Acknowledge that it might require some investment than you might want.

2. Tune into your instincts.

3. Abstain from justifying their behaviors or wanting to change them.

4. Create physical and communicating distance.

You deserve better!

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