Real Life Doctor Dolittle Is Here!

GoFundMe Fundraising

Every one of us loves the character Doctor Dolittle, right? He travels around the world in his ship treating any sick animals, and he can talk to animals! How cool is this guy! The love and empathy he feels towards animals make him even cooler! I mean, I wouldn’t ever say no if he asks me to go out with him!

And now we have another Doctor Dolittle (whom I hope you’re not expecting to be talking to animals ) from California! He knows the struggle people without a roof above their heads already go through in winning the bread of the day, and he makes their lives much more easier by treating their animals free of charge. I mean, can anyone be more kind? (wipes off tears*)

Dr. Stewart Kwane, 49, started his work in 2011 when he felt that he needed to help the ones in need after the Great Recession in the US in 2007. He goes to the extent of buying food and medicine out of his own money for these pets of homeless people. He makes sure that he doesn’t forget his medical bag at home because he doesn’t want to miss helping anyone in need. 

The Street Vet

Medical treatment for a doggo almost always requires a big sum of money, and Dr. Kwane has been doing his best all these years out of his private funding. He also has a GoFundMe page where you and I can help this good cause with our donations. It costs around $100 for even smaller treatments for ear infections, flea treatment, vaccines, etc. Serious instance concerning tumor removal etc. can be as high as $1500.

The dog named Dinker is the immediate concern Dr. Kwane has. Dinker has a serious condition which needs a specialist’s surgery, which is going to be expensive. However, Dr. Kwane is not going to give up. His experience over the years has taught him stories of love, hope, struggle, and not giving up, and he wants to make sure that all these stories end in happy smiles. 

The Street Vet

Dr Kwane is seen here talking to a man with colon cancer and his dog ‘Crazy Girl’

The Street Vet
Dr. Kwane Stewart
GoFundMe Fundraising

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