The true value of life is often felt in danger. The present situation in Australia is evident in proving how kind and caring humans are towards animals. These people must be considered heroes because of their actions even in dangerous situations like the current crisis in Australia. Therefore, let us see who they are.

Before that, if you are a person concerned regarding the Australian Bushfires and wish to extend your support, you can contact or donate to the St Vincent de Paul Society, the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund or to the Red Cross.

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#1 Koalas Get a Ride! The Teenagers Helped the Koalas By Putting Them in Their Car To Save Them From the Fires.

#2 Firefighters Helped A Woman To Move The Koalas To Her House in Cuddle Creek in South Australia. They Were Rescued From Fires in a Garden.

#3 A Koala Detection Dog At Work Saving The Koalas From The Fires

Demi, who is using the pseudonym Carbon Chic online, did something of her own to help as well. She understood that she couldn’t be in the front lines putting out the fires but instead, she made wraps for the orphaned baby bats. According to her, there are so many dead animals, and while some may be alive they are scared and confused. This is what she said, “I’m not someone who can be on the front line fighting fires, but I felt like I still needed to do something. Not just donate money, but put my back into it, make something that would directly affect an animal, and not have anything skimmed off the top or have uncertainty as to where it’s going.” She also added the fact that what she makes goes directly to helpless victims.

#4 As the Fire Ravages Through Mallacoota, This is How One Amazing Young Guy Searched For Wildlife And Saved Them. Here is He Saving One of the Koalas Among the Few Others Which He Saved.

#5 “Tiny Arse” Sitting In The Water Tanker Of Its Rescuer. This Little Fellow Was Saved By Damian Campbell-Davys

#6 The Brave Firefighters Saving Humans, Animals, and Homes….


Demi further stated that it took her around 6 hours to make 18 wraps. As she lives streams it on Twitch, she was able to raise $300 for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. She understands that the amount may be very small compared to the donations celebrities make, but she also understands the fact that every little bit counts.

She is also sad about the destruction that is occurring, and she has determined to make pouches until her supplies run out. She also finds herself lucky as she lives in Brisbane and that she has only suffered a few asthmatic symptoms due to the smoke which comes and goes depending on where the fires are.

#7 A Kangaroo Being Drenched In Water

#8 Around Half A Billion Animals Were Lost In the Ravaging Fires. However, The Irwin Family Stepped Up and Now Has Helped Over a 90,000 Animals

#9 These Voluntary Firefighters Are Nothing But Legendary

People are helping each other including wildlife and that is a great sight to see at dark times as such and above all seeing people put their life on the line to save animals must be appreciated and honored for their bravery.

For example, the staff at Mogo Zoo created a wonderful and timely plan and executed it wonderfully. First, they made sure to take out everything flammable. Secondly, they made sure to have enough supply of water. Thirdly, they relocated animals of large sizes tonight enclosures.

Chad Staples, the Director of the zoo compared the situation to “Armageddon” and called it “apocalyptic” and even opened his own home to the smaller animals. He says that his house now homes a variety of animals. Among all this, one of the zookeepers reportedly took a tiger home and yes, it’s temporary.

#10 Flock Of Sheep Saved By A Dog!

#11 A Joey Saved By A Firefighter


#12 “Haze” Survives The Fires Owing To A Marvelous Firefighter

It may be dark times out there, but some situations arise where it brings nothing but laughter. The firefighter of the Urunga Rural Fire Service in New South Wales somehow saved a house. This house was owned by Paul Sekfy and they left this note to him. “It was our pleasure to save your house…

P.S.— We owe you some milk.”
It seems that when they were finding refuge in his house the firefighters found his fridge and drank some milk from it. Kale Hardie-Porter, who left the note later stated that he was happy to know that the note got to the owner in one piece.

#13 A Travelling Filmmaker saves Lonely Baby Kangaroo

#14 Demi Meets the Orphaned Bats To Whom She Made The Wraps

Demi was pretty much happy to meet the little bats and thanked Rachel from the Bat Conservation and Rescue Qld. She was screaming but had to be mindful because the little ones were sleeping. According to her, she has never seen them closer but acknowledges the fact that they are cute with their two noses and wiggly ears. Coming from NSW, they may have lost their parents, but they are safe and sound and already snuggling up in her wraps. She said that she felt happy knowing that something she has done has assisted and contributed to the good. There is no one talking about hidden fees because they were made purely for the bats. However, she believes that they would soon be shred to pieces with their chewing and their claws.

#15 Cooling Down Time For This Koala

#16 Brave Woman Saving A Koala

#17 Australian Zookeeper Brings Animals Home To Protect Them From The Fires

#18 Koalas Saved From Adelaide Hills Treated And Cared For By Professional Volunteers

#19 A Thirsty Koala Drinking Water Offered by a Firefighter

#20 Over 600 Bats Transported and 100 Treated. They Are Cute Aren’t They?

#21 Another Koala Saved

#22 Kangaroos in a Home Lawn

#23 The Officers Lending A Helping Hand

#24 This Koala Was Lucky And Is Now Being Treated

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