30 Everyday Products You’re Using Wrong

30 Everyday Products You’re Using Wrong

When was the last time you ever got a manual for an ordinary item that we commonly use, like a saucepan, or a TicTac? We don’t get them, right? So we figure it out and use it the way we think it’s supposed to be used. But can you imagine, almost 30 of the everyday common items were used wrong by us!? We were just following our Mamma’s instructions we got when we were kids. And now we figure out that most of it was used the wrong way!

Yes! All these things we use today, we’ve been using them all wrong!

Which ones? Here are 30 examples!

1. Those handy tabs

handy tabs
Source: Reddit

I have had trouble with this piece of invention! Every time I try to get some foil out, it keeps falling out. Who knew that the manufacturers actually had a helping hand in the box itself. On the sides, they provided flaps that you press to lock the foil or wrap to the box.

2. Straw holders

can straw
Source: Reddit

I swear the number of times that my straw kept popping back up from the can got me so frustrated. Well, I just didn’t know I had to simply stick the straw in the hole and you’re set!

3. Tic Tac dispenser

tictac dispenser
Source: YouTube Screenshot

So you’re telling me that I have to make sure the dispenser is upside down, shake it once, carefully open the lid and one Tic Tac will be safely laid on the lid? Nah…I’d rather stick with my very own, the opening of the lid, shake the tictacs (not one) on to my palm and voila! The carefulness with that little bean is going to burst one of my nerves.

4. The genius of a Chinese take-out box

chinese takeout
Source: Twitter/NJ_NMaster

This is what I need right here! Being a foodie myself, the thought of transforming your Chinese takeout into a plate is so fascinating.

5. The holes have a purpose

skimmer handle
Source: YouTube Screenshot

No more making a mess on your stove or counter for sure!

6. Upside down jars

peanut butter jar
Source: Hot Dish Homemaker

Tired spilling oil or not being able to completely mix your natural nut butter and its oil? Store it upside down. The nut butter will fall and mix with the oil naturally. When you open the jar, it’ll be ready to go.

7. Tied cords

tying codes
Source: Tumblr/stfuchristine

This will stop you from unplugging them by accident.

8. Floss with blood still on your fingers

dental floss
Source: Imgur

With this technique, you no longer have to cut the blood supply to your fingers. Tie the floss into a circle and get it done. You’ll also be using less floss with this technique!

9. More ketchup, please!

Source: Imgur

They can open up? I thought the folds were glued! now I can store 50% more ketchup!

10. Pea-sized toothpaste

Source: Flickr/Kenneth Lu

It is said that you need only an itty bitty amount of toothpaste.

11. Built-in handle

juice boxes
Source: Twitter/Today Years Old

Easier for the parents now! The toddler now can hold the box while they drink the juice and no more spills!

12. Snap off one bar

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Snap it towards the other piece, not away from the piece. It’s easy peasy.

13. Instant coaster

plastic cup
Source: Reddit

Who knew? Using the lid as a coaster is genius!

14. How to tear open sugar packets

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Just snap it from the middle and all the sugar flows down with ease.

15. Once you pop

Source: YouTube Screenshot

You don’t want to stop because it’s hard to get it out of the can. There’s a solution! Use an A4-sized paper, fold it in half, and insert it in the Pringles box. Use the paper to slide the chips out of the box and into your hands.

16. Peeling potatoes

boiling potatoes
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Before you boil the potatoes, run your knife around the potato, creating a line in the middle. When it’s done boiling, just slip off the skin in a second.

17. Creamer hack

coffee creamer
Source: Otzovik

When you just want to add creamer to your coffee and it spills everywhere. Just do this. Cut out a small triangular piece and that’ll control the flow of the creamer and avoid spills.

18. When you’re on the go

plastic cup
Source: Positiveur

When you’re on the go and you can’t open your coffee and add sugar and milk at the same time. Just use the small opening. The sugar and milk will fit and the stirrer will fit, too. Problem solved!

19. Pour the juice out

pouring juice
Source: YouTube Screenshot

You’d think having the spout closer to the glass will make it easier for the juice to come out. Turn it around so the spout is on top and pour the juice. No spills.

20. Two-toned eraser

two toned eraser
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Ever notice how some erasers have two colors with different textures? Well, one side is for erasing pencil marks and the other one is for erasing ink. Just make sure the ink used is erasable and not the permanent kind.

21. Using bobby pins

bobby pin
Source: YouTube Screenshot

We always use bobby pins with the wavy side on top. Well, it turns out the wavy side should be down. This way helps the bobby pin stay in place.

22. More uses for the wooden spoon

wooden spoon
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Are you tired of boiling water on the stove and the water overflows? Place a wooden spoon on top and it’ll keep the bubble from boiling out.

23. The perfect egg circles

perfect eggs
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Want to make the perfect egg circles, like the ones you get in restaurants? You can use an egg mold or use an onion ring and cook the egg inside it. Once done, you can either remove the onion or keep it.

24. How to measure pasta noodles

pasta handle
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Do you know how pasta noodles have a hold in the middle? They’re not just decoration. They’re used to measure the right amount of serving for pasta noodles.

25. Mango peels

peeling mango
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Peeling mangoes can be tricky and very messy. All you need is a glass and it automatically makes it easy with no mess!

26. A second life

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Has your razor blade gone dull? Give it a second life by running it down your jeans to sharpen it. Remember to push it away from you so you don’t end up cutting your jeans.

27. The two plungers

Source: Reddit

All plungers are created equally right? They’re not actually. The one with the wide mouth is for sinks. And the other one with the cone is used for toilets.

28. How to blend properly

Source: Flickr/Chris Waits

A lot of people invest in blenders but end up chucking them because they don’t use it properly. Always add the liquid first then add everything else. The liquid will help push down the solid for even blending.

29. How to change the toilet paper

toilet paper
Source: imgur

Women all over the world will rejoice. The proper way to change the toilet paper is to have the loose end flap over the top. This decreases germ exposure because it prevents dirty hands from touching more toilet paper. Plus it also prevents the toilet paper from accidentally touching the wall.

30. How to peel a banana

peeling banana
Source: YouTube Screenshot

First of all, who peels a banana from stem to top? Well, folks, it’s from top to stem!

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